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Footwear & Apparel Management business system software.

FAM's Trade Web Site

Increasingly so, apparel business are operating through multiple selling channels providing products to their wholesale customers and selling direct through e-commerce as well as operating retail stores and concessions.

If you operate separate systems to manage the different areas of the business this becomes a very labour intensive task managing product codes, stocks and prices. With the seasonal nature of the fashion industry this problem is compounded with the volume of products and colour ways being offered.

FAM's trade web site accesses the information contained in FAM's database so the information is live and no duplication of data entry is required.

There are two elements to the trade web site, wholesale and e-commerce. Existing wholesale customers can login to the trade web site and place orders, track existing orders and browse the styles you offer by category, season, brand etc etc. The e-commerce element allows your existing web site to access the information held in FAM so product and stock availability can be accessed. Orders can then be pushed into FAM so there is no re-keying to do.

The wholesale web site is multi language so the user can choose which language they want to view the site in and the site can be customised to suit your brand image.

If your business is involved in supplying uniforms and corporate clothing to clients, the web site has the ability to allow different levels of access for different users and the garments available for groups of employees can be restricted along with budgetry constraints.


Footwear & Apparel Management - Business System Software for Footwear, Fashion and Apparel wholesale businesses.


Danny Saul - Managing Director of Frank Saul Ltd

“Dealing with the Redrose team has been surprisingly easy, the team listened, understood, then got on with the job within the time frame. They didn't disturb us at all and once the web site was ready they allowed is to play with it and then they listened again to what we wanted and just did it.

The trade website is incredibly easy to operate and navigate and is just a pleasure to use. It feeds directly into the main FAM software that we use to run the business and allows our customers to place and track their orders 24/7.

I am a fan of FAM”.