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FAM Newsletter- May 2010


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Welcome to the latest Edition of FAM News.

It's been a busy year so far at Redrose and we welcome a number of new FAM customer's on board since the last newsletter. So a warm welcome to all at  Luke Roper, Fight for Fashion, New Deal, Corporate Togs, Nicholas Deakins, Greg Norman and Drooth to name a few.


We also have a new starter in Tim Dore who has joined the team as a Developer/Support analyst. Tim will be helping on the support desk and will also be responsible for developing a web interface to FAM so that your customers can place wholesale orders via your web site.


If you have any comments, suggestions or feed back on this I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Kevin Meers - MD Redrose Software Ltd

FAM Hints and Tips
Enquiry - Customer View

This sometimes forgotten screen is a great way to view your customers with phone numbers, rep and e-mail info.

Right Click menu

In every screen in FAM you can use your right click mouse button to sort or filter the screen you are in.  


Did you know FAM can produce your intrastat and EC Sales reports and create an electronic file that can be submitted via the government gateway?

Bank Details

In maint - Bank Details you can set up all of your bank accounts per company and currency. We can then make these print on your invoices if you want.

Reps Commission

Sales reps commission can now be set by customer, brand, product type, order type and individually by style.

Bespoke Customer Invoices

If you have a customer that wants their invoices to look different to your normal layout this can be catered for in the normal invoice run using a bespoke invoice format in the customer settings tab. Send us a copy of what they require.

Customer Payment Plans

A customer can be flagged as being on a payment plan. We can design you a letter that details their orders and the payment installments you require from them.


If you use Skype you can call your customers normal phone number using Skype from the customer notes tab of the customer. Skype call rates apply. 

Web Site Integration

FAM can integrate with your e-commerce web site for style, stock and customer order info.


If you do not have an e-commerce web site yet we can help develop one for you.


Please let us know if this is of interest and we can discuss the options with you.

Sage 50 Integration 

I'm sure that you all know by now that Redrose is an Accredited Sage Business Partner. FAM has always linked with Sage via export/import but now we have much closer integration so you can see the details of invoices and credits. Click here for more details.


As a Sage Business Partner we can supply you with Sage Upgrades, Training, Stationary and also other Sage Software products such as Payroll, P11D, Act! CRM and HR.




FAM's EPOS screen is being re-developed as a more traditional standalone EPOS system for use in store with out the need for a live connection to head office. Sales and stock will still update live back to head office provided the internet connection is OK so real-time sales can be tracked. A more use friendly interface will make it easier for staff to use. 

New Reports


1.  Orders by Style - Brand Margins with Historic Comparisons. There is a new option with these reports - By Rep By Product Type Buy Country and you can also have it in currency.


2.  Sales Reports - 5 Year sales by Rep and 5 year sales by Rep by Customer. This report gives yearly sales analysis for a 5 year period with options by rep and customer.


3. Style Sales - Best Sellers by Style. This report is designed to help with continuing styles so see year on year sales.


4. Delivered Orders - Style Enquiry. If a member of the public phones up wanting to know where to get a style in a particular size, this report tells you which of your customers has had them delivered.

afd Postcode

FAM has always had the ability to lookup a customers address from an entered postcode with the addition of afd Postcode software. afd will also work in other applications, for example Microsoft Word. 


afd Postcode costs £154 + VAT for a single license. Please contact us at if this is of interest. 

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